ACT Fibernet offers 1000 GB Plus Free Data to Chennai users

act fibernet 1000gb

ACT Fibernet, a popular Internet Service Provider in South India has been revising plans every year and offering discounts to its existing customers.  Recently, we saw the company doubling the FUP for all users across Chennai.

Today, ACT has brought in a new offer for their existing customers across Chennai. ACT Fibernet users in Chennai who are using the service for more than 1 Year will get 1000 GB ( 1 TB ) of free data over a period of 5 months. The extra data is more than 1000 GB for users with the higher plan. The data is split up into 200 GB per month(ACT Storm Plan) for 5 months  ( 200 X 5=1000 GB) i.e., Nov 2017 to March 2018.

This free data will be added in FlexyBytes and it will go over the base plan. For example, if the plan has a quota of 260GB then the additional data will come into play after the 260GB has been exhausted.

ACT Fibernet 1000GB



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