A visit to an Organic Farm ft. Indira AgroTech

Agriculture and farming are one of the primary occupations in our country and it is the most talked and debated topic now. In this fast-moving world, we do not get time to cherish the natural farmlands and the rich greens that our country has. Most of us in urban areas do not have the chance to enjoy the calm atmosphere and the scenic beauty that Rural people enjoy. The air is fresh and it gives a sense of calmness whenever you visit a village or a farmland.

Recently, we were invited to check out the Organic Farming that is being carried out by Indira Agrotech in TamilNadu. It was quite surprising to us as we would have generally heard about just farming. But organic farming was quite new for us and we decided to check out what technology is being implemented there.  In this post, we will share our experience at the Organic Farm by Indira AgroTech.

The organic farm is located in a small village near Tinidivanam which is a town in Tamil Nadu. Upon arrival at the place, the first thing we noticed was how good and fresh the air was. The land is vast and huge and the natural scenic beauty was a bliss to the eyes! There were representatives from the company and other people who were explaining about the Organic Farming and its benefits.

The technology used for farming:

In our exploration of the farmland, a unique black and blue coloured machine caught our attention. At first glance, it was looking like a racer bike or a mini tractor. But actually, it was a Paddy Plantation machine. It has two trays on either side which carries the paddy saplings which is to be planted.

The way the machine operated was unique. It is operated by a driver and two people assist in loading the saplings. The mechanism in which the machine works is that the machine would pick a few saplings and plant in the farmland. Interesting, right? Here is a picture of how the machine actually looks like

indira agrotech

All the people who made a visit to the organic farm were given a chance to plant a crop in the vast farming land. Villagers were also part of it and they too planted paddy and other crops. Here are some more pictures from the farm


Overall, it was a great experience visiting the Organic Farm and if you are nearby that location or planning a trip, then do consider visiting this Organic Farm.

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