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What to look for when buying a memory card?

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A lot of the modern day smartphones available in the market pack a lot of features but fail to deliver in an important area which is the most important that a customer looks for when buying a mobile. It is the storage.

Most of the phones available today do not have the provision to add external storage nor have adequate internal storage. But things are improving gradually and we are seeing manufacturers coming up with unique solutions like Hybrid Tray(Dual SIM or SIM+ Memory card).

If you are using a phone that has the provision to add a memory card or planning to buy one for your DSLR and confused on which memory card to buy, Fret not! In this article let us see what are things to look for when buying a memory card.

Different Classes of Memory Card:

The most important thing to look for when buying a memory card is the class. A class is nothing but that defines the Read/Write speeds of a memory card. They are numbered as 2, 4, 6, 10 in the memory card.

  • Class 2– Speed 2 MB/s
  • Class 4– Speed 4 MB/s
  • Class 6– Speed 6 MB/s
  • Class 10– Speed 10 MB/s

Apart from this, there is two other Class which come under Ultra-High-Speed(UHS) Category.

  • UHS 1- 10 MB/s
  • UHS 3- 30 MB/s

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Why using a low-class memory card is bad for your phone?

Smartphones come with a pre-defined internal storage which generally tends to be faster than low-class memory cards. We have even seen some smartphones incorporating UFS 2.1 storage which has speeds of up t0 1 GB/s (theoretically). If you use a Class 4 memory card with a phone having UFS 2.0 storage then the sluggish speeds of the memory card will hinder the performance and stability of a smartphone. If we look the other way round, a Class 10 memory card can boost the speed and performance of a smartphone having low R/W speeds.

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Class 10 Memory Cards and UHS Cards are the go-to choices for the memory card by photographers.

The next time you are in the market for buying a memory card look for the Class Number before making a decision.


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