4 Food Myths I have come across

In this article, we will be posting something different from our regular posts. We came across this and thought of sharing the same with our readers.

There’s nobody who doesn’t enjoy food as it is the most essential part of our life. In today’s world, we always have a variety of cuisines and options for every meal. But do we really understand and research about the food that we eat? What are its ingredients? How it’s made? More often than not, we consume what tastes good without paying much attention to all these factors.

Thanks to the internet, we access to a variety of information. We can now do our research in a click. But unfortunately, the internet is clouded with a lot of false information. I love reading about the food and here are the most common myths that I have come across:

Microwaving food kills nutrients

Microwave oven has become a must have home appliance for every home. We use it for baking, heating and sometimes even cooking.

While reading online, I have come across a lot of articles that say that microwaving food kills nutrients and is bad for health. The truth is that nutrients break down when they’re exposed to heat irrespective of the cooking style, be it a microwave or on a regular cooktop. In fact, the cooking time in a microwave is much shorter and kills lesser nutrients than our regular Indian cooking.

Raw carrots are better than cooked carrots

Carrot is one vegetable that we normally consume raw rather than cooking it. And most people suggest eating it raw. However, carrots contain a tough cellular wall that fences the beta carotene. Cooking the carrot breaks down the cellular wall and makes it healthier.

Kurkure contains plastic?

Recently, I came across a rumor that Kurkure contains plastic as it melts when you burn it. This is hard to believe because Kurkure has been a preferred snack for years by many people. The fact is that anything that contains starch melts when you burn it. You can try to burn rice at home and you will get similar results. Kurkure is made from kitchen ingredients like rice, corn, dal and spices and definitely not plastic.

Low fat food is always better than full fat food

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, reducing fat content from your food is essential. However, not all fat is evil. Recent research shows that full fat dairy is better than low fat dairy. A review published in 2013 in the European Journal of Nutrition reported less weight gain and a lower risk for obesity among people who consumed full-fat dairy products.

So these were the 4 myths of food that we came across. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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