ZAKK Launches ‘ZAKK Air’ Lightest Wireless Headphones

ZAKK is quiet a popular company which is known for making good quality audio products. ZAKK’s recognizes itself with products which are exceptional yet economical on a consumer’s pocket. After a huge success with products like Fitmate and Firefly the company now presents ZAKK Air, wireless headphones which are just perfect for your daily workout activity.

With ZAKK Air headphones the company claims that users will be able to take your fitness training to the next level as these wireless headphones produce invigorating music which would keep you motivated and won’t let you stop. Ideal for any activities, ZAKK Air has been specially designed for athletes and also tested by athletes leaving them very impressed.

The product comes with following features

  • Unbeatable in-ear technology tested by athletes
  • Exceptional dynamic speakers mechanics
  • Reliable and strong materials
  • Easy-to-connect Bluetooth technology

zakk air


Technical Specifications:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 10 meter Bluetooth connectivtiy range
  • Battery capacity 3.5V/100 mAh
  • Play time approximately 5 hour
  • Charging time approximately 2 hours
  • Built in mic



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