OnePlus 6T’s In Display fingerprint sensor compatible Screen Protector Launched by GadgetShieldz

Oneplus 6T Screen Protector GadgetShieldz

GadgetShieldz, the popular manufacturer of mobile accessories including skins launched textured skins exclusively for Oneplus 6T smartphone before the smartphone’s official launch. Today, GadgetShieldz has launched precision-cut screen protector for OnePlus 6T that excellently work with the phone’s fingerprint sensor and is compatible with Oneplus 6T Smartphone.

Oneplus 6T Screen Protector GadgetShieldz


The screen protectors are made available on the GadgetShieldz’s official site. OnePlus brand for the first time has introduced a fingerprint sensor on the display. OnePlus 6T’s fingerprint sensor under the display captures the reflected light of the fingerprint through the OLED pixels and unlocks the screen.

Quality and Protection:

This ultra-thin screen protector is designed explicitly for OnePlus 6T and ensures that accuracy of an in-display fingerprint scanner is intact. To protect OnePlus 6T from scratches and fingerprints, GadgetShieldz has released this ultra-clear and thin screen and body protectors, thus giving more teeth to the device’s screen and to the back panel. Designed keeping in mind the dimensions of the OnePlus 6T, the full-body protectors are manufactured from a super tough, extraordinarily durable and military grade material and uses a unique self-healing technology besides giving an incredibly sold grip in the hand.

The precision made ultra-clear protective film is custom cut to match the dimensions of the flagship device. The stunningly thin 0.2mm film does not add any bulk to the device and is virtually invisible after application on the 6.4-inch screen. It is designed keeping in mind the mobile’s dual camera set-up and all the ports and buttons. The ultra-resistant film is durable enough and scratch proofs the entire device. Importantly, the film will not leave any residue on the device when removed.


The screen protectors are priced starting Rs.599 and are available on GadgetShieldz’s official website.

GadgetShieldz also offers mobile skins for OnePlus 6T. These mobile wraps range from Camo, Leather to sandstone Red textures. The brand has recently launched Black Matrix mobile skins for various devices and is available at GadgetShieldz.


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