Soundsly Apaisant In-Ear Earphones Review

soundsly apaisant earphone

The earphones market has been filled with a plethora of options for a consumer to choose. It ranges from budget category to premium category and more. As sound is a subjective matter, the preferences vary from person to person and choosing the right kind of earphones is important. We had reviewed many earphones on our site like Evidson B3, Leaf Ear, Piston Fit from 1More and more.

In this review, we are going to see how good the Soundsly Apaisant In-ear earphones from an Indian Audio Distributor, Hi-Fi Nage is.

soundsly apaisant earphone

Box Contents:

The Apasaint comes in a bright packaging with the brand name and image of the earphones at the front. To the sides, you will find the specifications and other details about the earphone. Overall, the packaging looks neat and simple!

Upon opening up the box, you will find the earphones itself along with replaceable ear tips. The accessories like clip, tiny carrying case and regular user manual are bundled in the box.

soundsly apaisant earphone


Design and Build Quality:

Soundsly Apasaint has a simple and minimalistic design with good build quality. The materials used by Soundsly is very good and the same reflects in the product. The cable is made of good quality materials(Kevlar reinforced) which makes it sturdy and should last longer. The length of the cable is quite long and should suffice for most of the users. Surprisingly, the Apaisant is open-backed which allows sound out of the back of the in-ears. It is done through a small grille present in the earphone. As it is open backed, you might be wondering about the sound leak. Fortunately, the sound leakage isn’t much that would disturb or bother people sitting next to you.

The Apaisant focusses more on the sound quality rather than the design. So, if you are a person who is looking for the best-looking earphone, then this might not be for you. Overall, the build quality of the earphones is very good.

soundsly apaisant earphone


Soundsly Apaisant is one of the few earphones in India that supports Hybrid-Driver system at this price point. It has a dynamic driver and balanced armature in each earpiece which boosts the sound quality, giving an awesome sound experience to the users. When it comes to the sound signature, it is Balanced and Neutral on the Soundsly Apaisant.

It has a frequency response of 20-22 kHz and impedance of 32Ω. This earphone comes with a dedicated microphone and buttons to increase/decrease volume. You can also answer/reject calls with the buttons. The 3.5mm plug is gold plated and made of good quality materials.

soundsly apaisant earphone

Sound Quality:

When it comes to the performance and sound quality, Soundsly Apaisant sounded very good. It scores high on bass and you will enjoy listening to music on this earphone. The mids and vocal were quite good and we did not face any issues with that. The sound is well defined and clean but it takes a hit on the treble and it isn’t the best we have heard. At high volumes, we did notice slight distortion.

The dual driver system works well and strikes the right balance between the sound quality and performance. It is well tuned and you will enjoy listening to this earphone. But nonetheless, the overall experience and the sound quality that you get from this earphone is very good.

soundsly apaisant earphone

Pricing and Availability:

Soundsly Apaisant is priced at ₹4,221 and available at HifiNage’s official website. Overall, if you are a person who likes Balanced and Neutral sound signature, then Soundsly Apaisant is highly recommended. This earphone is made from an Indian brand and gets a thumbs up from our side for a very good try and we hope to see more products from the brand soon.









Soundsly Apaisant




Build Quality


Sound Quality



  • Build Quality
  • Hybrid Driver System
  • Sound Quality


  • Design
  • Occassional Distortion


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