Why Bezel-less smartphones are not practical?ft Mi Mix

We are seeing smartphones getting more sleeker and stylish day by day.Gone are the days where smartphones were like a huge brick.Now it’s the era of glass and metal build phones.The sad part is it is making smartphones more and more slipper than before.Thanks to the glass on the front and rear of the smartphone.Manufacturers are concentrating more on making phone bezel-less but forgetting how practical it is in day to day usage.Many might argue that Bezel less are the future.But I have a different opinion on this.


Do we need Bezel less smartphones?

Bezel-less display make the phone look sleek and stylish,but it does not make the phone ergonomic.This is the biggest gripe I have with bezel-less displays.Take Xiaomi Mi Mix for instance.It is a very bold move by a company that is not “tier-1” to come up with almost bezel-less display.But if you look at the size of the smartphone,it is humongous.There’s 6.4-inch of glass(no mention of protective glass) covering almost the front side of the phone.The screen to body ratio is ~91.3% .There are no bezels on the top and the sides.The bottom holds the front camera.It is difficult to hold the smartphone in single hand and even it is difficult to hold easily with two hands.The phone often slips from your hand and it becomes very difficult to use without a case.That is the reason why Xiaomi has included a rubber case with the phone.It doesn’t make sense to manufacture stylish phone with bezel-less display and covering up it with a rubber case.So this raises a question in our mind that do we need this?I feel it is not necessary until it becomes easy to hold the phone and increases the productivity.


Screen shattering

The biggest disadvantage of using smartphones with bezel-less display is screen shattering.There’s literally no place to rest your hand on the massive display.The sides gives you the nice feel but that proves to be costly later.The phones slips of your hands easily and more often not you end up paying more to repair the display.Here’s a picture on the shattered display of Mi Mixmix-3

Samsung galaxy S8 rumored to come with “Bezel-less display”

It is rumored that the next Galaxy will sport bezel-less display.I feel it would be a bad move by Samsung to go with 5.8″ and 6″ displays.Many won’t prefer large phones that makes them to spend more on fixing the display than the original cost of the phone.

My experience with a Bezel-less smartphone


I had the chance to use Xiaomi Mi Mix for a limited time(Thanks to Fonearena for allowing me to use it for a while) and I had mixed feelings with that phone.The design was sleek but it slipped off my hands two times and most of us don’t want to experience that.It gives have heart in mouth feeling when you use Mi Mix.There are some phones though which deserves appreciation for implementation.If implementation is done right then bezel-less displays might have a chance in the market.

I feel manufacturers can concentrate more on increasing the battery sizes than making phones with bezel-less display.These are my two cents  on bezel-less display.I would love to hear your thoughts.Do like,share and comment.

Pic of cracked display Credit: Phoneradar

*In no means this article is written to blame Xiaomi.It is just my opinion on bezel-less display


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