ACT Fibernet Review in 2017

ACT Fibernet Review

Internet penetration has been growing rapidly in India and we are witnessing the same since last year. Although there is a drastic improvement in mobile data tariff and speeds, broadband speeds are slow even today. The prices that we pay for speeds are pathetic. Amidst the sea of ISP, there is a brand which provides blazing fast speeds via Fiber To The Home (FTTH) technology at dirt cheap rates. It is ACT Fibernet, India’s 3rd largest ISP which has its largest user base in South India. They have expanded to Delhi recently and have other cities in the pipeline.

I am using ACT Fibernet in Chennai since 3 years and will walk you through the procedure and my review of the same in this article.

ACT Fibernet Plans:

ACT Fibernet Chennai plans

The basic plan starts at Rs. 999 and the speed and data volume that is offered is awesome. For Rs. 999 you get 75 Mbps speed and 100 GB data volume. The speed reduces to 512 Kbps post FUP. A unique thing with ACT Fibernet is that the speeds that you get are 1:1 meaning download and upload speeds will be equal while with other providers it is 1:8 .This is helpful for people who upload content often to the cloud. Enterprise plans are also available.

ACT Fibernet is available in the following cities

  1. Chennai
  2. Bengaluru
  3. Coimbatore
  4. Delhi
  5. Elluru
  6. Guntur
  7. Hyderabad
  8. Nellore
  9. Vijayawada
  10. Visakhapatnam
  11. Tirupati

Registration and Installation:

The procedure for getting a new connection is fairly simple and the process is organized. You can register on ACT ‘s website or call their Customer Care and request for a new connection.

After you register for a new connection, feasibility check is carried out within 24-48 hours. If the connection is feasible in your place, a sales representative will come to your house and collect necessary documents. Next up an electrician will install ACT ONT Box in your building. ACT ONT box houses 8 port network switch with battery backup. The box draws power from your house and ACT will refund Rs. 50 every month.

ACT uses CAT 5 and CAT 5E for running cables from ONT box to the router but CAT 5E is provided only to customers who have subscribed to 100 Mbps plan and above.

Here’s how ACT ONT Box looks like

ACT Fibernet box

You can also check out the video we posted on our Youtube channel for more information on ONT Box



The installation part is complete with installation of CAT 5/5E cable. Then you will be greeted with a welcome call and Login Details. An important point to note is you have to login into ACT’s Portal for the first time and then configure the router with login details. Voila! You are ready to rock.

act fibernet portal


Speed, Stability and Service :

1. Speed:

I am subscribed to 75 Mbps plan and speeds that I get are as advertised. A quick speed test result gave me Download of 75 Mbps and Upload ~90 Mbps which is much faster than I expected.

The ping to server located in USA is very high but download speed doesn’t drop drastically.

2. Stability:

  • With regards to stability, connection rarely goes down but if there is maintenance work, ACT intimates customers via SMS / E-mail

3. Service:

ACT has come a long way with regards to service. Initially the service was crap and it has improved drastically now.

  • Customer care is available from 9 AM to 8 PM and they are swift enough to fix the issue.
  • There is an Android / iOS app wherein you can register complaints and it reaches the service engineer directly.
  • During natural calamities like flood or cyclone service might take a hit and it can take months to get fixed.

My verdict on ACT Fibernet:

ACT Fibernet is a must have broadband connection if you live in any of the cities they have service. Although there are competitors in Chennai providing much higher speed and FUP. ACT has recently revised their plans for Chennai users and I hope they bring attractive FUP limits in future.

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  1. […] ACT Fibernet, one of the leading fiber optic service provider in India is known for upgrading plans periodically for its customers at no extra cost. Recently, the company gave free data of 250 GB as a part of T20 Data Surprise. The company has been in a spree of plan upgrade across cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and now in Chennai. Yesterday, ACT Fibernet upgraded the speeds and FUP for its customers in Hyderabad. Similarly last month, ACT GIGA customers in Bangalore got an upgrade too. […]

  2. July 2018 update.

    Worst service provider. So unprofessional and liar and cheater. words are less for them.

    Even small cable operator is more professional and committed to his words, but they are worst liar.

    Dont even go for them if you want peace of mind. They were unable to install connection even after 10 days. And they keep saying that it will be installed by tomorrow, which never comes. For taking money, their executive was very fast and came to me within one hour after call, that too at night 8:45 pm.

    And for installation, he is not even picking up the calls or responding to messages. Such a group of liars and cheaters.

    They think they are the king in the market. Let Jio come, and show them their true worth. Only then they will understand the true value of customer.


  3. […] ACT Fibernet, a popular optical fiber-based Internet service provider in India launched Gigabit Internet in Hyderabad last year making it the first city in India to get 1Gbps internet speeds. The service was later then launched in Bangalore too. ACT Fibernet has different prices for Gigabit plans in Hyderabad and Bangalore. The company has been known for offering faster internet speeds at an affordable price. […]

  4. Never take ACT connection because after they take money from you monthly rental and router amount they will not even respond to your call…. worst service ever specially The executive name manjunath ( 9535273003) i dont want anyone to face the same issue which i am facing now…. there service is very slow if you want any issues to get resolved you have to wait for minimum 72 hours…. pathetic….

  5. Act is one of the WORST SERVICE PROVIDER ever used. Customer support is usless and Nodal Officer one more BIG useless person who blames he is always busy and will not attend the call nor reply to any of the emails.
    Its been more than a week my net is down and this people are not able to solve the issue even after repeated request.
    Customer support people will take the call and hang up the call without any solution. It takes almost 4 hours to reach them and I seriously don’t know if they are soo busy.


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